Entry Definition
s/he cooks for h/ separately
it is piled separately; (plural; e.g., varieties of gravel) they are piled according to type (composition, size, etc.)
s/he is piled separately; (plural; e.g., pieces of lumber) they are piled according to type (composition, size, etc.)
it is sold separately
s/he sells it separately
s/he cooks it separately
it is put away separately, it is set apart (in arrangement); (plural) they are put away or arranged in separate places
separately, apart
it is set aside or apart, is placed separately; it is allocated
s/he sets it apart, places it separately
s/he places separately something belonging to h/
separately, apart
s/he sits apart or separately
s/he uses it separately
it is written separately, is drawn separately, is photographed separately
apart, into two separate pieces