cuwapotokku, cuwapotoqhu

verb ai 1
s/he jumps into water
Plural : cuwapotokkultuwok, cuwapotoqhultuwok
Verb Stem : -cuwapotoqqi-, - cuwapotoqhi-
Changed Verb Stem : cewapotoqqi-, cewapotoqhi-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Cuwapotoqq! Dive in! Jump in!
On nit cuwapotoqqihtit, askomot. Mam-ote solahkiw, muskiyacik nisuwok oqimuwok, pesq cel wapiskipepisu. Once they had jumped into the water, it seemed that an eternity passed. Finally, all of a sudden, two loons came up; and one even had a white band around his neck. (MT)
Tuciw cewapotoqqit naka ma nihtawhomuwon. He dove in anyway, even though he couldn't swim.
Etutopotek cel cewapotoqqit wot ehpit. It was so hot outside that this woman jumped into the water.
Notes : (qq in stem changes to kk before u)
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