of course, maybe, I guess so; must, it must be so

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Eluwehk-al-ote Koluskap nicalkul. He must be Koluskap's uncle. (LM)
Eluwehk-al-ote kulam. You're right after all. I guess you're right.
Eluwehk-al wolame nmihtaqs. I guess my father is right.
Eluwehk-al-ote, anqoc-ote, cika-te tan-ote wen eci-ktomakeyit cu mitsu, cu keq iyu. Of course, sometimes, even though one is poor, somehow one manages to eat; there's always something. (RM)
Eluwehk-al ntolihtahas kiluwaw. Kil ehta, iya, kuhkomoss naka kmuhsums nekomaw-ote amsqahs eyihtit. I thought it must have been you. Your grandmother and grandfather were the first ones there. (RR)
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