noun animate (verb ai participle 1)
one that is seated; one that is situated or in position
Plural : epicik, epulticik; epiyacik, epiyahticik

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nomiya wot wasis epit epahsiw awtik. I saw this child sitting in the middle of the road.
Musa unitahasihkoc knahsilcakonok epihtit kuhkomossok. Don’t forget your gloves that are over at your grandmother’s.
Yet-te epiyayeq, nit-te iyultiq. Everyone stay right where you’re sitting.
'Qotuhkayiw ehpit epit wikuwak. The woman is sitting alone in her house.
Wot-olu Koluskap lamikuwam epits. This Koluskap was sitting inside. (LM)
Keka-te petakuwiye nwikpim epit; temonu-tehc kekesk cuppu. The tide is almost up to where my basket ash is; in a moment a little of it will be in the water.
Notes : (see opu; compare ehpit)
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