Entry Definition
s/he sits there repeatedly or continuously, stays there (seated, positioned)
s/he keeps sitting there
s/he gets up (sits up or stands up)
(seated person) s/he moves over (e.g., along bench or couch)
s/he sits leaning against it with knees raised
s/he sits slumped over
they (two) sit facing each other
they (two) sit belly-to-belly
they (two) sit back-to-back (Wol)
s/he sits with legs together
s/he sits with legs crossed (one leg across lap or both legs crossed)
s/he has slid or flopped over to one side; s/he sits slumped over
s/he is sitting or is positioned crooked (tilting sideways or turned to side)
s/he leaves outline of backside where s/he sits
s/he is silent, sits silently
s/he leaves mark by sitting (e.g., impression in cushion or snow, wet spot)
(ii) it sits low in water; (ai; container) the level of liquid in h/ is low
it sits low
s/he sits facing this way, sits facing toward here
s/he sits facing toward here with mouth open
s/he sits apart or separately
(e.g., hare fleeing) s/he stops suddenly in seated position
it sits in water, is partly in water
s/he sits in water, sits partly in water
one that is seated; one that is situated or in position