back and forth; (two people, etc.) taking turns, alternating

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Naka pol-otehc leposenti Sipayik litposu, apc next two years-oc yuta, esuhkew. And Sipayik's representative (to the Maine state legislature) would serve first and then the next two years it would be here, back and forth. (LS)
Aha, nwewitatomon, 'sami pihce pesq-ote sakom, nihtol nisonul Motahkomikuk naka Sipayik, esuhkew tahk. Yes, I remember, because long ago there was only one chief for both Motahkomikuk and Sipayik, but alternating. (ID)
Esuhkew-oc ktolahkenomawotinen. We will throw it back and forth. (JAN)
Notes : (term of representative is now four years)
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