verb ai 7
s/he goes back and forth bringing or taking water
Plural : esuwapilomuhtuwok
Verb Stem : -esuwapilom-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ma toke wen cuwi-esuwapilomu. No one has to lug water now.
Wahte, ihik, motapew nwikultipon, iyey, mec wecuwaw yut wen etoli-esuwapilok. We lived over there, down the hill, still close to where one gets water. (DAF)
Mecimiw cuwi-esuwapilom Pohsi. Percy used to have to fetch water.
Pihce neket psi-te wen cuwi-esuwapilom. A long time ago everyone had to lug water.
Notes : (also, esuwapilahsu, ewotapilom)
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