iya, ya

(introducing or concluding a statement, especially when telling of a remembered experience) yes, yeah

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Iya, 'sami-mecimiw 'tiyalkomon Model T, ya. Yes, because he used to drive around in a Model T, yeah. (BG)
On-oc ntotolapehtun npihtin, itom nmihtaqs. Ya, tehpu nit kmaley. And I would be scratching my hand, my father said. Yes, you're just being lazy. (JAN)
Nit etoli-'cuwihtaqopon, ya. That's what he was earning, yeah. (JH)
Ya, cel mecimiw 'poskomon nit ahsosuwon mekoseweyik. Yeah, she always used to wear that black hat. (GD)
Notes : (compare aha)
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(expresses emphasis, usually surprise)