verb ai & ii 3, 15
there is a lot of h/, it; there is much of h/, it; (with singular or plural subject) there are many of them
Plural : kceyawiwok (ai) (see note)
Prefixed Verb Stem : -kihceyawi-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : kceyawi-
Changed Verb Stem : kehceyawi-, kecceyawi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kceyawiw skitap keti-mitsit. A lot of men are going to eat.
Kceyawiwok pileyak kaltoluwok nutahacik. There are a lot of new quarters coming out.
Kceyawiw mecimiw wast puniw. There used to be a lot of snow in the winter.
Uli-kcicihtun apsi-kinuwehlosuwakon tan ehtek kehceyawik pemiptasik. He knows from the least sign that a big load (of meat) has been brought in. (LM)
Kehceyawiwol pocetesol kiskihkatokil Tuma. Thomas grew lots of potatoes.
Kceyawiw nukhomon. ... Kceyawiwol posonutiyil. ... Wicuhkemsultiq! Kceyawiw micuwakon. There is a lot of flour. ... There are many baskets. ... Help yourselves! There is plenty of food.
Nkihceyawipon. There are a lot of us.
Neket kehceyawik micuwakon, ma-te wen yali-kotuhpiw. When there was a lot of food, no one went hungry.
Kecceyawik man. A lot of money. (MA)
Notes :

(older speakers use kceyawiwok for ai plural; some younger speakers say kceyawiwultuwok; compare ktanaqot, ktanaqsu; elinaqahk, elinaqsit; also compare 'ceyawiw)

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