kehkituwok (kehkitin)

verb ai 1
they teach one another, they have a lesson; (unspecified subject forms) there is school, school is in session; there is a lesson or class
Plural : kehkitultuwok (kehkitultin)
Prefixed Verb Stem : -okehkiti-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : kehkiti-
Changed Verb Stem : ekehkiti-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Ma yaq kehkitiwonu. There is no school, they say.
Kehkituwok. ... Kehkitultuwok. They (two) teach each other. ... They (plural) teach one another.
Kehkitin pemkiskahk. There is school today.
Ekehkitultiyek pemkiskahk eli wen ikolisomanatuwet. Today we taught one another how to speak English. Today we had an English lesson.
Notes : (dual and plural forms only)
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