Entry Definition
s/he is back from having taught h/
s/he teaches h/ more, disciplines h/ more
s/he stops teaching h/
s/he teaches
teaching, schooling, education, instruction
s/he teaches self; s/he learns
s/he, it is taught; (person) s/he is disciplined
they teach one another, they have a lesson; (unspecified subject forms) there is school, school is in session; there is a lesson or class
s/he teaches h/ so much
s/he taught h/, can teach h/
s/he taught self, can teach self; s/he learned, can learn
s/he teaches h/ strictly, disciplines h/, forces h/ to toe the line
s/he starts to teach h/
s/he reteaches h/, teaches h/ something over again
s/he reteaches it to self, relearns it; s/he rehearses or practices it
s/he reteaches it (lesson, subject, text, song, etc.)
s/he teaches h/ poorly; s/he corrupts h/
s/he teaches self to do wrong, acquires bad habits
s/he teaches it badly or poorly (lesson, subject, text, song, etc.)
s/he goes (comes) to teach h/; (unspecified subject forms) s/he goes (comes) to school
s/he teaches or trains h/ easily
s/he teaches h/
s/he learns it, learns to do it, teaches self to do it
s/he teaches it (lesson, subject, text, song, etc.)
s/he teaches h/ thus, schools h/, educates h/