verb ta 31
s/he extracts h/ tooth (teeth)
Verb Stem : -ketapitehl-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Api-ketapitehlut toke qiqsuwiw 'tun. Since he went to have his tooth out, his mouth whistles when he talks.
'Sami-sukolihpu, cuwi-ketapitehla. He has to have his teeth taken out because he's been eating too many sweets.
Anqoc-ote motuweyu wen ketapitehlut. Sometimes having a tooth extracted is hard to deal with.
Ketapitehlut Missel sepay, cuwi-macehe mahkiyew wikuwak naka natqahsinon. When Michael got his tooth extracted this morning, he had to go home for a while and go to sleep.
Ntahcuwi naci-ketapitehlok naka npunomaken piluwapit. I have to go have my tooth extracted and a false tooth put in.
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