Entry Definition
s/he clamps with teeth something belonging to h/; s/he bites it and holds it for h/
h/ wisdom tooth
s/he comes toward here or faces this way baring teeth
s/he extracts h/ tooth (teeth)
s/he chews, s/he holds something with teeth
s/he holds something belonging to h/ firmly between teeth
s/he brushes (own) teeth
s/he has sharp teeth
(person, tool) h/, its teeth are in such a condition; (ai; shoe, tire) h/ tread is in such a condition; (ii; wood) its grain is such
(dog, wolf, etc.) s/he bares teeth at h/
(person, animal) h/ teeth are worn down; (tire, shoe) h/ tread is worn down; (tire) s/he is bald
s/he has crooked teeth, has bad teeth
s/he has tooth (teeth) missing
(child, adult, animal) h/ tooth falls out, h/ teeth fall out
s/he extracts or pulls h/ tooth (teeth)
s/he pulls out own tooth (teeth)
s/he knocks h/ tooth (teeth) out
s/he knocks its teeth off, knocks its tines off (e.g., rake, pitchfork)
s/he knocks own teeth out
s/he removes its teeth or tines (rake, saw, etc.)
s/he holds it sideways with teeth (bone, stick, etc.)
one who makes false teeth, denturist
s/he has buck teeth; h/ teeth jut out
false tooth
s/he has false teeth