verb ai 9
s/he marks (something) for identification (e.g., with blaze mark or personal mark); s/he marks (something) with information about it (e.g., with trademark or price tag); s/he makes exact measurements
Plural : kinuwaskutikhotuwok
Verb Stem : -kinuwaskutike-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Tetoqi-te mihtaqsol 'tokehkimkusoponil eli-kinuwaskutiket. All along, his father must have been teaching him how to put his personal mark on things.
Tokec-op 'tawi-kinuwaskutiket kat-op keq komutonomuwaw. If he knew how to mark his things, nothing would be stolen from him.
Nuci-kotunket cuwi-te kinuwaskutike wecihc skat ksihkahahq kcihkuk. The hunter had to mark the trail so he would not get lost in the woods.
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