Entry Definition
leaving a mark (spot of dirt or paint, scratch, cut, dent, impression, etc.)
s/he marks it with scratch, scratches it leaving mark
s/he marks it with dot(s) or spot(s)
s/he burns mark on h/; s/he brands h/ (animal)
s/he burns mark on it; s/he scars it by burning it (body part)
it is marked by burning or scorching
s/he carves h/, notches h/ (something made of wood); s/he marks h/ height with a notch
s/he marks by carving or notching (in wood)
s/he bites h/ leaving mark
s/he marks h/ with finger(s); presses h/ hard with finger(s), leaving mark
s/he, it is bruised or marked by having been grabbed
s/he marks it with finger(s); presses it hard with finger(s), leaving mark
s/he leaves mark by sitting (e.g., impression in cushion or snow, wet spot)
s/he, it has bite-mark
s/he bites it leaving mark
s/he cuts it leaving mark or scar
s/he marks h/ by hitting h/; s/he cuts notch in h/ (using ax)
s/he marks it by hitting it; s/he cuts notch in it (using ax)
s/he is marked by falling on or hitting something
s/he marks h/ for identification
it is marked for identification
s/he marks (something) for identification (e.g., with blaze mark or personal mark); s/he marks (something) with information about it (e.g., with trademark or price tag); s/he makes exact measurements
identification mark, blaze mark, boundary marker, survey marker, buoy, mile marker, milestone; landmark; gravestone; sign, label, price tag; punctuation mark
s/he marks it, marks it for identification
it is marked with straight line(s)