kpahasu 1

verb ai 1
s/he is locked up
Plural : kpahasultuwok
Prefixed Verb Stem : -kophasi-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : kpahasi-
Changed Verb Stem : kephasi-
Verb Stem With Preverb : -kpahasi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kpahasu Sapatis. Sabatis is locked up.
Kephasit Pal ma-te wen nomiyawiyil. When Paul was locked up no one saw him.
Kephasit. Prisoner. Captive.
Psi-te kpahasultuwok aqanehsomulticik. All the drunks got locked up.
Kpahasu wiciw ehpicik. He is locked up with the women.
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