verb ai & ii 9, 21
(pitcher, cooking pot, etc., spilling or pouring contents) s/he, it tips; (toboggan, boat, person in boat) s/he, it tips, capsizes
Plural : kuskawhotuwok (ai)
Verb Stem : -kuskawe-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Katama, nit askomot. Ma-te 'ci-moskuwawiyok. On-al tan, kuskawiyok-al, kosona tama supeq 'toli-ktoqtuhukuniya. No, they were never seen again. None of them was ever found. They must have capsized somehow, or else the sea tipped them over somewhere. (MT)
Psi-te cuhpiyawolotuwok wasisok kuskawehtit. All the children fell in the water when they capsized.
Kuskawe ktoqitonum cel ma-te kwewisiw. Your canoe capsized, and you didn't even know it.
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