noun animate
wolf (Canis lupus); (cap.) name of Koluskap's twin brother
Plural : malsomuwok, malsomok
Possessed : malsomumol
Locative : malsomuwihkuk, malsomihkuk where there are wolves
Diminutive : malsomuhsis, malsomsis, malsomis

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
'Tiyal yaq wot mahtoqehs coqolsol, "Tan-op kil ktolluhkan tokec ckuwi-motahat ya malsom?" Hare said to the frog, "What would you do if a wolf were heard coming this way?" (EN)
Wot-olu malsom peciyat, coqahk-al 'possahal coqolsol; tehpu qeni-walket, nit-te nokkahlan nihtol. When this wolf came, of course he smelled the frog; he just dug, and then he ate him up. (EN)
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