Entry Definition
wolf (Canis lupus); (cap.) name of Koluskap's twin brother
food that is wolfed down or eaten in big bites (e.g., hot dog)
s/he wolfs it down (food)
he swallows h/ (piece of food) whole, wolfs h/
s/he sucks and swallows h/ whole (piece of food)
s/he sucks on it and swallows it whole (piece of food)
s/he swallows it whole, wolfs it
s/he swallows whole or wolfs something belonging to h/
s/he eats like pig, wolfs food down
wolf hunter
s/he is glutton, wolfs food
s/he swallows (something) whole, gulps (something) down without chewing; s/he wolfs food
s/he swallows quickly, s/he wolfs food