verb ai & ii 11, 22
s/he, it is used up, is all gone
Plural : mehciyawolotuwok, mehciyahtuwok (ai)
Verb Stem : -mehciye-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Eli-motessik yut ihik, kenuk keka mehciye. Because the money is here, but it's almost gone. (MF)
Mehciyete man. The money is all gone. There is no money left.
Elitahasiyin nit mehciyak, psi-te wen apaciyat neke, tepitahasiyin cu wesuwessuhtuwok weceyawolotihtit, weci-peciyawolotihtit. You would think that when it was gone, everyone would have gone back, you'd think for sure they'd go back to their place of origin, to where they came from. (MF)
Psi-te mehciye micuwakon; muste ma piyemiyew opan. All the food is gone; there's not even any bread left.
Ntahcuwi-natonuhmonol posonutiyil mesq mehciyanuhk. I have to go buy baskets before they're all gone.
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