verb ta 36
s/he gets h/ to leave (e.g., mother telling son to leave home and get job)
Verb Stem : -miwhotuw-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Aki, not-olu 'takonutomon pahtoliyas neket, 'takonutomuwan anqoc yuhuht iyey, nuci-ankuwuhtomakewcihi, eli 'ci-miwhotuwuts nit, iyok, tama-al nit Spain liwihtasu, eci-miwhotuwuts neke tan macehtuhut, iyey, pahtoliyasok; on nit ansa yaq li-olotoqhultuwok tahaluhp otuhk tama sesolaktehkuwut, tan-ote eli-wewiphuwhotihtit, naka tan wen eli-kisaposiyut. You see, that priest recounted at that time, or told some of his interpreters, about how he had been told to leave that place, somewhere there in Spain, as it's called, that he had been told to leave at the time when the priests were starting to get driven out; and they were jumping like a deer when it’s startled somewhere, running anywhere they knew of, and wherever they could be saved. (MT)
Notes : (also, for some speakers, mimiwhutolal)
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