leave 2

Entry Definition
s/he leaves from there, sets out from there
s/he is all gone; (dual and plural, also) they have all left, have all gone away
s/he doesn't want to let h/ leave, doesn't let h/ leave
s/he wants to leave, is going to leave
s/he leaves, departs; s/he goes home
it leaves, departs; it starts going
s/he leaves very quickly, departs angrily
s/he leaves angry, goes away mad
s/he takes or carries it away, s/he leaves with it; s/he takes it home
s/he starts off or goes away with line of followers behind (e.g., hen with chicks, teacher with children, squad-leader with soldiers)
they leave on foot, walk away; they leave (by any means: Ma); (toddlers) they start to walk
s/he gets h/ to leave (e.g., mother telling son to leave home and get job)
s/he goes out embarrassed (leaves the room)
s/he leaves by boat or car
s/he leaves backing up (e.g., in car)
s/he pulls feet away quickly; s/he leaves quickly
s/he leaves or departs hurriedly
s/he leaves in a hurry