msi, msiw, msi-te

all, every; completely, entirely

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
On yaq, "Nita. Tokec apatapasiyoq nemaht, ntakonutomon kinap elluhket kcihkuk." Te msiw. Then he said, "Well! When we get back home I'll tell about what the brave man did in the woods." That's all. (MT)
Kenoq-olu msi-te oqimuwok wolitahasultuwok nemiyahtit 'kihci-sakomamuwal. But all the loons are happy to see their great chief. (LM)
Nit eli-peciyak, msi-te aqami-musqitahasultuwok. So it comes to pass that they hate (him) all the more. (LM)
Nit-te msiw. That's all. The end.
Ipocol msi-te knacitahamkuk skinuhsisok yut, ktoqecihc nehpuhukuk. Since all the young men here hate you, they will try to kill you. (LM)
Kmockulponc, Espons, ipocol nilun msiw psuliminok. We will affect you badly, Raccoon, because we are all chokeberries. (LM)
Notes : (old form of psi, psiw, psi-te)
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