Entry Definition
completely, to completion; entirely; all
s/he burns it completely, incinerates it; s/he finishes cooking it, has finished cooking it
all, every; completely, entirely
s/he finishes it completely, gets it all done, accomplishes it
s/he understands it completely or thoroughly, understands all of it
s/he bails it out completely, bails all the water out of it (boat)
s/he completely burns up or burns all of something belonging to h/
s/he uses up completely something belonging to h/
s/he completely destroys it, destroys all of it
s/he completely destroys something belonging to h/
s/he puts it out, extinguishes it (light); s/he illuminates it completely
(basketmaking) s/he binds it completely, binds it all the way around
(cooking) s/he burns h/ completely, burns all of h/
(cooking) s/he burns it completely, burns all of it
s/he burns up something belonging to h/
all at same time; completely, thoroughly; clean, cleanly
s/he is completely dead
completely, thoroughly; already complete
all, every; completely, entirely
(cloth, paper, skin, etc.) it covers completely, it is complete sheet
it fills up, fills completely
s/he, it fills up, fills completely
completely gone; not at all
s/he stops it completely
s/he, it is completely lost