nehkayiw, nehkayi

regularly, every time, all the time

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nehkayiw pomuhse Tepit tan ci mehtoluhket. David regularly takes a walk when he's done working.
Nehkayiw-ote (nehkayi-te) skicinuwokan. There's traditional dancing every time (i.e., it's a regular part of the program each year, each month, etc.).
Nit welossit. Welaqiwik, nehkayiw nomiyal 'sokuwossol. Then he went to bed. All through the night he saw his mother-in-law. (MT)
'Tiyal yaq pahtoliyas, "Pomawsuwinuwok-oc-olu nehkayi-tehc nit eli-wihqehlolinaq wahant ktolawsikhukuwa." The priest told her, "But the people will always hold it against you all that the devil is supporting you this way." (MT)
Nehkayiw-ote ntoluhkepon. We work all the time (every day, or 24 hours a day).
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