Entry Definition
sometimes, from time to time
forever; at all times
s/he has a hard time, goes through difficult period
every; every time, each time, time after time; right along with
every time; synchronized with, right along with; (distribution) to each one
every; every time, each time; time after time; at the same time as, right along with
many times, several times; (with units of time) many, several
six times
(in measuring or counting) so much, so many; so many times; (in questions) how much ...?, how many ...?; how many times ...?
s/he sings so much, sings so many times
it sounds so many times
there is hunting; it is hunting time, it is hunting season (Wol, also: trapping)
s/he has good time (e.g., at party)
at that instant, at that time
(clock, watch) it doesn't keep accurate time
five times
regularly, every time, all the time
something that happens at just the right time, coincidence
four times
three times, thrice
(permission, prediction) s/he gives h/ certain amount of time
it is leafing-out time; the trees, shrubs, etc. are leafing out; (leaf) it is opening
the last time, for the last time
at intervals; a little at a time, little by little; in instalments
a little at a time, little by little, at intervals