verb ai 3
s/he has good time (e.g., at party)
Plural : kuttayimuwultuwok, kuttayimultuwok
Verb Stem : -kuttayimuwi-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Am-ote ehtahsi-nipayimiyamk peci-wikuwamkomtultuwok. Peci-mawi-kuttayimultuwok yukt kotunkewinuwok. In the end, they would all visit one another every Christmas. They all got together to have a good time, these hunters. (MT)
Kuttayimuwultin. Party.
Nita. Am-ote, uspoliwultiniya keti-nipayimiyamok. 'Kuttayimultiniya. Am-ote kisi-nipayimiyamok apc yukt kisacihtit macehkawotiniya. Well! They had their spree on Christmas eve. They all had a good time. Then after Christmas these two were once again getting ready to set out. (MT)
Notes : (from English, good time)
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