Entry Definition
s/he appears to be in good health (after having been ill)
it's a good thing that ...
s/he took good care of it, can take good care of it
it is worthy, is good, is useful; it is worth (price, value)
s/he looks for the good in things, spreads good news
s/he has good time (e.g., at party)
it is good or looks good (for purpose)
s/he is cute; s/he is good or looks good (for purpose)
it sounds cute, sounds funny, sounds good
s/he sounds cute, sounds funny, sounds good
s/he has unexpected good luck
(shape, position, manufacture) it is better
s/he is good shot, knows how to shoot
knowing how to, skilled at, good at; (indicating admiration of a quality; see examples) very much, extremely, exactly as desired, just right
(baseball) s/he is good hitter, is sure hitter
(food) it tastes really good
(food) s/he tastes really good
s/he knows how to teach, is good teacher
s/he is good at job, is good worker, knows how to work
s/he is good at doing something, s/he is talented at something
s/he takes good aim at h/
s/he takes good care of something belonging to h/
s/he fixes or repairs h/ (e.g., bicycle); s/he likes to use h/; s/he gives h/ last rites; s/he cleans h/ (game animal); (inverse forms; medicine, discipline, education) s/he, it does h/ good, is good for h/
s/he brings h/ good luck
s/he charges fair or good price for it