verb ta 31
s/he fixes or repairs h/ (e.g., bicycle); s/he likes to use h/; s/he gives h/ last rites; s/he cleans h/ (game animal); (inverse forms; medicine, discipline, education) s/he, it does h/ good, is good for h/
Prefixed Verb Stem : -ulehl-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : wolehl-
Changed Verb Stem : welehl-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Pahtoliyas 'tapi-wolehlal ketuwinelicil. The priest went to give last rites to the dying person.
Nulehlokun nit 'pisun. That medicine helps me, is good for me.
Kotama-te keqsey 'toli-wolehlokuwoniya. Nothing did them any good. (MT)
Ulehlal 'payosihkolumol. She likes to use her bicycle.
Nmuhsums nwewitahama mecimiw wahtehc oliye milawiw naka 'kotunolan ahkiq naka nekom-ote ulehlan. I remember that my grandfather used to go out in the bay and hunt seals and dress them himself. (JAN)
Skinuhsis 'totoli-wolehlal 'paysihkolumol. The boy is fixing his bicycle.
Welehlat kisi-wolehlat. He liked using it (bicycle) after he fixed it.
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