Entry Definition
s/he reshapes it, corrects its shape (e.g., repairing a dent in a car fender by hitting it from underneath and popping it back into place)
one who repairs or mends by sewing (e.g., tailor, cobbler); one who patches inner tubes
s/he fixes or repairs h/ (e.g., bicycle); s/he likes to use h/; s/he gives h/ last rites; s/he cleans h/ (game animal); (inverse forms; medicine, discipline, education) s/he, it does h/ good, is good for h/
s/he hits h/ in order to repair h/ (e.g., bicycle tire)
s/he hits it to repair it (e.g., fender)
s/he fixes it, corrects it; s/he clears it (table); s/he makes it (bed); s/he likes to use it
s/he fixes it for h/, fixes something belonging to h/
it is being fixed; it has been repaired
it is well made; (with preverb, also) it is cleaned, it is fixed (see example)