nemq, nemq-ote

just barely

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Kci-monossapskuk, nemq-ote sakhapskahte, nit elossit. On a great rock island, barely showing above the water, there he lay. (LM)
Nemq-ote kisi-wtome, on mace-neqhomon. He had just barely started to smoke when he began to cough.
Nemq-ote nkisi-kpahmonol possiyanteskil, nit-te-na macelan. I had just barely gotten the windows closed when it began to rain. No sooner had I closed the windows than it started raining.
Nemq-ote peciye nemaht nkisis, nit-tehna apc 'tahcuwi-macahan. My aunt had barely arrived at my house when she had to leave again.
Notes : (for some speakers, memq)
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