verb ta 31
s/he is partial toward h/, favors h/, is solicitous of h/; s/he serves h/, waits on h/, tends h/
Verb Stem : -nuton-

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Nutonokepon. We are favored.
Not nit nutonut. He is the one favored.
Wekiyal yaq wen wasisol wesami-nutonat. One spoils a child, it is said, by waiting on her too much.
Tetpessultuwok nutonakhoticik nutonahtit pahtoliyasol. The servers acted perfectly serving the priest.
Nihtol tehpu nutonacil, kotokihi kotama. He favors him and not the others. He favors him among all the others.
Eci-nutonat nihtol, tan-ote keq pawatomulit milan. He is so partial towards him, he gives him anything he wants.
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