Entry Definition
s/he serves self (food, etc.), helps self (to food, supplies, etc.)
s/he goes around serving h/ (food), goes around giving h/ out (gum, cup, etc.); s/he goes around carrying h/ cradled in arms (child, pet, etc.)
s/he goes around serving it (food), goes around giving it out (paper, pencil, etc.)
it works, it functions; it serves the purpose; it is available
it works, it functions; it serves the purpose
s/he serves again in the same office or position
s/he serves or dishes out too little of it (food)
s/he is partial toward h/, favors h/, is solicitous of h/; s/he serves h/, waits on h/, tends h/
s/he serves it (drink), ladles it out
s/he serves or sells alcoholic beverages
s/he serves as soldier, is soldier
s/he serves food, dishes out food
s/he serves self food
s/he dishes out food to h/, serves food to h/
s/he serves h/ with legal document (e.g., subpoena, restraining order), presents h/ with document or official letter
(law) s/he serves papers (e.g., subpoena, warrant, etc.)