the same; nevertheless, even so, still

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Pesqon-ote eli-qiluwuhut, pesqon-ote eli-komutonet. Ehtaste tama wenuhcikuwamok peciyat, komutone. They went right on looking for him; he went right on stealing. Every time he came to a white man's house, he would steal. (MT)
Aha, pesqon-ote etuceyyek. Yes. we're the same age. (JH)
Pesqon-ote wot Wasis tehpu 'tolapomal. Ma 'ciksotuwawiyol. Baby still just looked at him. He didn't obey him. (MT)
Alu nmilatoki-puna ahpapossis, pesqon-ote yali-cihpolatokessit. No matter which way I put the string, it still gets tangled up.
Tan kahk? — Pesqon-ote mec. How are you? — Still the same. (I'm well, as ever.) (Maliseet)
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