Entry Definition
it is the same in amount or number as previously
(milk, etc.) s/he is the same in amount or number as previously
all alike; nothing but
(plants) they grow crowded together; there is nothing but them growing there
(cards) s/he has nothing but them (cards of trump suit)
s/he treats it the same way s/he usually treats it
s/he treats h/ the same way s/he usually treats h/
exactly the same, identical
s/he acts or behaves just like (someone or something); behaves exactly the same
the same; nevertheless, even so, still
it is one of a kind, it is unique; it is still the same
evenly, together; at the same time, in the same place
it is braided to same diameter (as something else)
s/he cuts it straight, cuts it even (paper, cloth, etc.); s/he trims it to same length using scissors
there is same or equivalent amount of it; (plural) there is same number of them
to same extent as; evenly; flush with; straight; simultaneously, contemporaneously
s/he is the same age as h/
s/he is same age (as someone else)
s/he, it is uniform in width, is the same in width (as something else)
s/he has same thought or opinion (as others), agrees
s/he thinks the same way about it (as others do)
s/he grows to same size as it
h/ ways are similar to or same as (someone else's)
s/he is at same level, has same score (as someone else); (dual and plural) they are tied in score