verb ai 9
s/he walks into high grass, bushes, etc. (where it is necessary to push vegetation aside in order to get through)
Plural : pisokonikhotuwok
Verb Stem : -pisokonike-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nutuwa wen yali-pisokoniket pahkak nikonuk. I heard someone walking in the high grass behind my house.
Wot-ona nposum api-yali-pisokonike yali-qiluwahat apiqsehsu weci-kisihpit. Naka pistehsit, 'kisi-pistehsinon elomalokahk; wahkac-ote kisi-nutehe. On peciyat ntahcuwi-milan 'pisun. Nokatomuwan keq 'tolessin. This cat of mine was in the high grass looking for mice to eat. And he stepped in, he stepped into a hole; he could hardly get out. And when he got home, I had to give him medicine. I was afraid something was wrong with him. (RoN)
Cel kecitok 'tahsosuwon saqtemini-kawisihkuk elomi-pisokoniket. And his hat was caught on the blackberry thorns (or rough leaves) as he made his way into the bushes.
Psi-te soqskinepuwol 'tahtulhawihil weci-pisokoniket saqteminuwihkuk. His shirt was in tatters when he walked through blackberry bushes.
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