verb ii 18
it snows
Verb Stem : psan-
Changed Verb Stem : pessan- (pehsan-, for some speakers)

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Totoli-psan yaq Muselenk, kenoq ma-te psanu Sipayik. It's snowing in Eastport, they say; but it's not snowing at Sipayik.
Kis-ote psankil, kekesk. There had already been snow from time to time, a little. (MT)
Ma nkisi-nutahaw pessak. I can't go out when it snows.
Wisokeki-psanoc! Let it snow really big flakes! (MT)
Nehehtaw psak, ketekhucuwolan. In case it snows, take the clothes off the line.
Koti yaq psan, saku wisanaqsultine naka kosseptunen piwsokul. They say it's going to snow, so let's hurry and get the wood in.
Notes :

(compare wast)

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