noun animate
Plural : 'somakonossok
Possessed : usomakonossomol
Locative : 'somakonosk at the soldier's
Diminutive : 'somakonossis

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
'Tiyal mahtoqehs, "Yuktok nit nusomakonossomok ali-sumsqahtihtit 'tomawey. Nit nil eqcuhsi weci-moccoksitay." Hare said to him, "These soldiers of mine go around spitting tobacco. When I walk on it, I get dirty feet as a result." (EN)
Yut-olu 'somakonossok, neke pahtoliyas 'kosqepossis kisi-macihputaq, nit weci-nomihtuhtit 'somakonossok, on nit-te-na mace-peskhikhotiniya naka mace-maqeyawotahsultiniya psi-keq kispahtek yut wiwoni, iyok, imiyewikuwamsisok. As for the soldiers here, when the priest had finished shaking his handkerchief for the soldiers to see it, then right away they started shooting and started piling together all kinds of dry wood around the little church. (MT)
'Somakonossok. Soldiers. Brigade. Platoon, etc.
Notes : (compare mikahkewin)
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