verb ai 3
s/he is young, is a child
Plural : wasisuwultuwok
Prefixed Verb Stem : -uwasisuwi-
Unprefixed Verb Stem : wasisuwi-
Changed Verb Stem : ewasisuwi-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Ewasisuwit Mali mecimiw 'pawatomon wenil 'kolonokun. When Mary was young she always wanted someone to hold her.
Neke ewasisuwiyan nwikuwaci-oli sitomok. Long ago, when I was young, I liked going to the shore.
Ewasisuwit. When s/he was young. In h/ childhood. In h/ youth. (as noun) The youngest child.
Mec-ote wasisuwiw nqenoss naka kis etuceyit. My granddaughter is still a child, even though she's older.
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