Entry Definition
s/he thinks little of h/; s/he thinks of h/ as small, treats h/ as child (e.g., son who is now grown up)
s/he is able to have children
(mother-to-be) she is expecting baby; (mother or father) s/he wants to have child
s/he loves children; s/he is fond (of someone)
she has children by various men
she starts bearing children at young age
devilish child, mischievous child
youngest child in family (also used as term of endearment for any child)
(person) s/he has child or children, is parent
h/ child (h/ son or daughter)
she has that many children, has children that often
she has child(ren) with man of different race or ethnic group, etc.
s/he is no longer the youngest (or only) child
she bears too many children, bears children too close together
she bears children often
child who pesters or who drives one crazy
s/he has a child with h/
(archaic, except as term of address) child
child, baby
s/he is young, is a child
s/he behaves like child, is childish