witapiyil, witapihil

noun animate (dependent)
h/ friend, h/ pal (usually, male)
Plural : witapiyi, witapihi, witapi h/ friends
Locative : witapehk at h/ friend's house
Diminutive : witapehsisol
Vocative : nitap my friend!; (plural) nitapehtuk my friends!

Example Sentences :

Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Komac kosinuhk nitap? Are you very sick, my friend?
Nuli-nitap wot skitap. This man is my good friend. (MT)
On yaq yuhuht witapi, wtiyan ya uskitapem wot Neptan, wot sakom, 'tiyan yaq, "Nita, koskomosipon, nitapehtuk, koti-mokehtehmonen motekoni-man." Then, they say, this Neptune, the chief, told these friends of his, his men, he told them, "So! We're in luck, my friends; we're going to strike it rich with furs in a hurry!" (MT)
Kuli-kitapiyik. Your good friends.
Notes : (see also witapesqiyil)
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