Entry Definition
s/he goes downhill
s/he it slides or rolls downhill
at bottom of hill, downhill
s/he walks downhill
s/he goes downhill, goes down the hill
s/he, it slides downhill head first
(water) it flows downhill
s/he goes downhill
s/he walks downhill making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels)
s/he runs downhill
s/he, it rolls downhill
s/he, it slides downhill; (car, truck) it coasts downhill, rolls downhill
it slides or coasts downhill, rolls downhill
downhill, at bottom of hill
s/he walks downhill
s/he carries it downhill by dragging it
s/he drags or slides it downhill
road going downriver or downhill
downriver, downstream; downhill
s/he, it goes downriver, downstream, downhill
it rolls downhill