downhill, at bottom of hill

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Passamaquoddy-Maliseet English Phrase
Coke wen apc wewitahasi. Not, iya, tett motapew oloqiw tokec etuttek Elderly, nwewitahama-te Epiw; nwewitahama-na iya... Let's see, whom else do I remember? Oh yes, right there at the bottom of the hill where the seniors' housing is, I remember that Abby (Abigail Joseph) lived there, and I remember... (RR)
Mecimiw wikitpon nitap motapew. My friend used to live down the hill.
Ntahcuwi-naciptun micuwakon motapew. I have to go down the hill to get food.
Notes : (compare motapiyahkiw)
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