Entry Definition
(chair, etc.) its seat is crooked, its bottom is crooked
at bottom of hill, downhill
s/he hits it (river bottom, underwater rock, etc.)
s/he hits bottom with it (e.g., paddle, or stick reaching into hole)
down, downstairs, at the bottom
it is below, it is at the bottom, it is downstairs
s/he, it settles to bottom (e.g., sediment; water settling out of water-oil mixture)
(basketmaking) s/he assembles bottom(s) of basket(s)
downhill, at bottom of hill
deep, in bottom of hole
(chair, etc.) its seat is soft, its bottom is soft
(diver, mountain-climber) s/he falls and hits bottom or ground, etc.
it falls and hits ground, floor, bottom; (car) it bottoms out
on floor, on ground; on bed of river, ocean, lake
(berry-picker) s/he barely covers bottom of container
(container) only bottom of h/ is covered (e.g., cup with only few berries inside)
ocean floor, bottom
(chair, etc.) its seat is cold, its bottom is cold
bottom of basket that has lid (i.e., container part as opposed to lid part)