Entry Definition
s/he leaves it alone, lets go of it
s/he leaves something belonging to h/ alone; s/he lets h/ do it
one, single, alone; directly
s/he reads or counts by self, reads or counts alone
alone, by self
s/he sits alone, sits by self
s/he does something by self (something requiring work of more than one person)
it is alone, it is by itself
s/he dances alone (e.g., without partner, solo)
s/he stands alone
s/he looks lonely, looks as if s/he is alone
s/he lives alone
s/he is alone, is by self
s/he believes self to be alone
s/he feels alone
s/he speaks alone
alone, by oneself
s/he is alone, is by self; s/he is single, is unmarried
s/he plays alone
s/he walks alone, goes alone
(in playing altestakon, the traditional dice game, or cribbage) s/he gets or has one point; (person) s/he is in boat alone
s/he lives alone
(canoeing) s/he paddles alone