Entry Definition
s/he feels pain from it; (in translation) it is painful to h/
the way s/he feels changes (e.g., s/he feels better or worse)
it feels prickly
(clothing, etc.) s/he feels rough to the touch
it feels rough to the touch
(tired, lazy, not motivated) s/he does not feel like doing it, is disinclined to do it
s/he makes h/ feel itchy, makes h/ itch
s/he feels invincible
s/he makes it feel lonely
s/he experiences feelings that are confusing or which seem unreal or not worth paying attention to, usually when depressed
s/he feels pain from it after sitting or sleeping on it (part of body)
s/he feels it sharply (pain, sensation)
s/he feels poorly
s/he starts to feel cold, is getting chilled
s/he is feeling better
s/he feels friendly toward h/
s/he feels friendly toward it
s/he feels happy, s/he feels well
s/he does not feel like eating (e.g., due to sickness, queasiness)
s/he makes h/ feel ill
s/he dislikes the feel of it; (in translation) it feels bad to h/
s/he feels it deeply (emotion)
s/he pokes it in to feel something (e.g., stick into snow to see whether ice is safe)
s/he feels like doing it
s/he feels uncomfortable (internally; e.g., cold coming on); s/he feels uneasy