verb ti 28
s/he feels pain from it; (in translation) it is painful to h/
Verb Stem : -ahqomotom-

Example Sentences :

Peskotomuhkati-Wolastoqey English Phrase
Nit sesolahkiw 'tolenskiyan elomi-piskahtek on naka 'tomokihtehkomon amuwesikuwam. Nit peyemi-ahqomotok. Then suddenly he is flailing around in the dark and he steps on the beehive. That's even more painful to him. (LM)
Nit kesq pemi-natuniket piskahtetuk on miyawkomon amuwesikuwam. Nit-te peyemi-ahqomotok. Then, while he is groping around in the dark, he bumps into the beehive. That is even more painful to him. (LM/DAF)
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