Entry Definition
s/he feels pain from it; (in translation) it is painful to h/
(expresses pain)
s/he has pain deep in chest or esophagus; s/he has heartburn
s/he walks with difficulty because of pain or soreness
s/he has pain in it
s/he feels pain from it after sitting or sleeping on it (part of body)
s/he hits it causing pain
s/he hits something belonging to h/ so as to cause pain
s/he can barely move because of hip or lower-back pain
s/he has hip pain or lower back pain; s/he has sciatica
s/he is slightly sick, has minor ailment; s/he has dull pain or ache
s/he cries out (with pain)
s/he, it is stuck in or into (something)
s/he has sharp pain in side
s/he has heartburn, s/he has chest pain due to indigestion
s/he is hypersensitive to pain; s/he reacts to any touch as if it were painful
s/he cries from pain
s/he cries because of pain s/he feels
painful, involving suffering
s/he suffers physical pain
s/he has feeling or sensation in h/ (body part); s/he feels sorry for h/, feels h/ pain
s/he has feeling or sensation in it (body part); s/he feels sorry for it, feels its pain