Entry Definition
s/he gives h/ medicine, treats h/ with medicine, doses h/
s/he treats it with medicine (disease, condition)
s/he treats h/ well in return
s/he treats h/ strangely
s/he sets it apart, treats it differently, uses it differently; s/he exempts it
s/he sets h/ apart, treats h/ differently; s/he uses h/ differently; s/he exempts h/
s/he treats h/ as older brother
s/he treats it roughly
s/he treats h/ roughly
s/he treats it with respect
s/he treats h/ like older (more mature) person
s/he thinks highly of it, treats it with respect
s/he treats h/ cruelly, abuses h/ physically, punishes h/ without mercy, crucifies h/
s/he treats it gently
s/he treats h/ tenderly, caresses h/
s/he treats it badly
s/he treats h/ badly
s/he treats it sympathetically
s/he treats h/ as special, babies h/
s/he always treats it favorably
s/he always treats h/ favorably
s/he knows how to treat it, treats it tactfully or diplomatically
s/he demeans it, treats it disrespectfully, belittles it
s/he treats it disrespectfully or badly, treats it as inferior; s/he disparages it, puts it down
s/he treats h/ disrespectfully or badly, treats h/ as inferior; s/he disparages h/, puts h/ down