Entry Definition
(term of address) man!
something pertaining to the white man's way of doing things
mature man, adult man; great man
(archaic) old man
old man
flirtatious man, sexually provocative man
devilish man
black person, African-American (especially, man)
black person, black man, African-American
(archaic) young man, youth
s/he turns self into man
(boy, girl, woman) s/he does man's work
(behavior, clothing, etc.) something pertaining to man, something male or masculine
men's house
he is a man
(woman, girl, young boy) s/he acts like man
(man, boy) he is man enough (to do something); he is powerful enough; he is enough of a shaman
shy boy or man
old man; ('tulomenimol) her husband, her old man
he is an old man, has become an old man
he is good or virtuous man